Meghan Young and Mikael Daez Thoughts about Having a Baby

‘We’re going with the flow’ Meghan Young and Mikael Daez Thoughts about Having Baby

Meghan Young and Mikael Daez, the celebrity couple discussed regarding their views on having kids in the most recent episode of the Meghan & Mikael podcast.

Meghan have been asked countless times in different interviews about getting pregnant with her husband Mikael Daez and she is always ready to answer honest about it.

The 2013 Miss World winner feels confident enough to say out loud that it’s okay for them to choose not to have any children at all. Based on the report of PUSH, their approach to having kids is to just go with the flow and accept whatever occurs.

Meghan Young
Photo Credits: Yahoo.News

“If ever there’s an oops and you get pregnant then okay great, that’s not a problem with us. But if we had a choice, then we’re kind of okay just coasting along living our life, and seeing what life throws at us,” Mikael added.

The report also mentioned that, as for Mikael she respects the decision of her wife because he knows that Meghan will carry the baby for 9 months and maybe she’s not ready for it.

“I say we’re going with the flow and it’s really all up to Bonez. Because like you said, you are the baby carrier and I’m just here to tell them that I’m here to support,” Mikael said.

The celebrity couple also shared last 2021 that the don’t rush things especially having a baby because they both focusing on their carrer and for more opportuinities that will come in their way. They also shared some pictures and videos in their social media accounts that they are having fun and enjoying the married life as a couple first.

Mikael and Meghan marry each other and promise the lifetime together last January 2020 after being together as girlfriend and boyfriend for almost 10 years.

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