Sharon Cuneta Shares Gift From Cherie Gil Before She Died

This is the sweet present of Cherie Gil to Sharon Cuneta during their last dinner together.

SHARON CUNETA – Strong-bonded sisters are Cherie Gil and Sharon Cuneta and this is their memorable final dinner together.

They are enemies in one of their iconic films but in real life, Cherie Gil and Sharon Cuneta are sisters. The iconic actress died in a hospital in New York City. She succumbed to endometrial cancer and she was just 59 years old when she passed away.

The entertainment industry mourned over great loss. She was a great loss. Cherie’s body was cremated and among the people that she was able to see before passing away was her dear friend Sharon. The Megastar flew to New York to meet her and she was among the people saddest over Cherie’s death. The Megastar was devastated by losing another friend this year.

And just recently, in an Instagram post, she shared the last dinner she had with Gil. It was at a Japanese restaurant in Makati and she brought her a present. It wasn’t expensive or something luxurious but it was some something that holds so much value nicely wrapped in a gift wrapper.

Inside the box was a frame that holds a photo of them together hugging each other. She shared, “It has been proudly displayed in our living room since I got home that night with her inaanak Frankie, and Miel, and Miguel.”

She then went on to share what was supposed to happen had COVID-19 not happened. 

“I am Ninang to her eldest, Jay. And she named her only daughter Bianca after my character in our movie ‘Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas.’ I was the first one she and Rony (Rogoff) called about their wedding, and the only non-family member invited to it. KC and I were the only ones present when her youngest son Rafael had his Bris (a Jewish ceremony as Rony is Jewish),” she said. 

Cuneta learned about her cancer through Michael De Mesa, her brother. This happened when they were still shooting Probinsyano. She was emotional upon knowing that despite having her number, she can’t talk to her about it because she did not know what to say back then.


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