Donnalyn Bartolome Birthday Vlog Earns Critical Comments

Here are the comments of the netizens over the Donnalyn Bartolome birthday vlog with a kanto-theme.

DONNALYN BARTOLOME BIRTHDAY – Popular content creator Donnalyn Bartolome vlog earned various comments.

In a previous article, the kanto-style birthday celebration of Donnalyn Bartolome was attended by some of the most famous content creators on social media. Last year, she was number 5 on the “Top Content Creators” list in the country.

Matching the theme are the kanto-type attires of her and her visitors. The food, the drinks, and the activities were all the things we usually see in the typical kanto of the Philippines. She prepared street foods and fun games. On their way to the venue, the guest rode on a jeepney and tricycle.

Among those present in the event are Zeinab Harake, Jelai Andres, Asian Cutie, Ella Cruz, Ann Mateo, Richard JuanRastamanPaul SalasMikee Quintos, Awra BriguelaMika Salamanca, and Andre Paras.

However, despite how candid and fun the celebration was, some people did notice something. There was accordingly classicism and double standards and there were also already thoughts about her romanticizing this status. This issue came after the baby-themed birthday photoshoot she had that caught the ire of most people online for she has allegedly romanticized the fetishization of infants.

In the vlog, Donna explained that the kanto-theme party wasn’t just a concept but it was also her way to relive one of the happiest moments she had in her life and that was celebrating her special day in a simple manner with the true people in her life.

Watch the video below:

Here are some comments from Twitter:

rich ppl think that it’s okay to do this when it clearly is not

Donnalyn treats poverty as if it was a condition that an individual could simply get in-and-out of.

Celebrating in a “simple” manner is the default for the poor.

It’s not just a concept, it’s part of her life. She lived like that before

What’s with Donnalyn Bartolome and her obsession with glamorizing poverty?

jusko imagine using poverty as a theme and disguising it as simplicity


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