Donnalyn Bartolome’s Baby-themed Photos Draws Flak From Netizens

Netizens React To Donnalyn Bartolome’s Viral Baby-themed Photos

DONNALYN BARTOLOME – The viral baby-themed birthday photo shoot of Youtube star Donnalyn Bartolome drew criticisms from netizens.

Donnalyn Bartolome is a Filipina actress and singer. She also became a vlogger and has 9.2 million subscribers already. She’s known in the country as the Social Media Goddess.

The internet sensation is known to be friends of fellow Youtube stars including Zeinab Harake, Jelai Andres, and Ivana Alawi. Her vlog is known for its humor, light-heartedness, and authenticity.

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Donnalyn Bartolome earned lots of money due to her talent and hard work as a singer and vlogger. Every vlog she uploads, if not viral, it has had millions of views. She ranked 5th in the “Top Content Creators” list by YT Philippines released last Dec. 2021.

The vlogger turned 28 years old last July 9. She marked her 28th birthday with a photo shoot where she portrayed a baby in a s*xy manner. Her photos were uploaded to her IG account last Saturday.

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Photo Source: thefanboyseo

The pics, which are now deleted on her Instagram account, showed Donnalyn Bartolome with only a bib as her top. In another pic, she wore a onesie while drinking from a milk bottle.

While most of the comments are about birthday well-wishes to the vlogger, some netizens are not happy to see her dress inappropriately. They believe her pics could feed s*xual fantasies among minors and enable child predators.

“Donnalyn Bartolome, 28 years old, did a s*xy photo shoot wearing infant clothes for her birthday. She probably did it to show her ‘creativity’ without heeding the thought that she would enable pedophilic culture. Tell me what’s not disturbing about that,” a Twitter user said.

Photo Source: Twitter
Photo Source: Twitter
Photo Source: Twitter

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