Mika Salamanca Earn Criticisms from Netizens Following Nose Surgery

Mika Salamanca Criticize Online Following Nose Surgery

Social media influencer Mika Salamanca earned criticisms from the online community following her post about her nose surgery.

Mika Salamanca, a social media personality and YouTuber, was lambasted by numerous netizens and even admirers for her nose job. The girl stated on Instagram that she has a new YouTube vlog where she demonstrates the stages she went through in producing the nose.

Mika Salamanca Nose Surgery

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Mika, on the other hand, received a barrage of remorse from her admirers. Others said that the girl was already attractive and that it was unfortunate that she had undergone surgery. One person even inquired whether she was trying to imitate Michael Jackson with her pointed nose.

Last year, the social media influencer became one of the most divisive figures on the internet after she was accused of breaking various quarantine rules in Hawaii by allegedly venturing out during her confinement. The YouTube vlogger stressed, however, that the cops let her walk outdoors after she tested negative for the coronavirus sickness.

Aside from that, Mika’s tweet about her costly automobile being hit by a drunk driver went viral almost instantly, eliciting a mixed response from the internet. Her automobile was hit by a motorcycle at 3 a.m., according to her. The inebriated motorist appears to be without a license, helmet, plate number, or even identity card.

After openly announcing her connection with professional Mobile Legends (ML) player John Paul Salonga, commonly known as H2WO, the online celebrity has been the talk of the town. In their individual vlogs, they have been seen together.

Mika Salamanca came to social media to confirm that they are definitely a relationship, putting an end to months of speculation. Mika confirmed their relationship by posting some of their “kilig” moments on YouTube.

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