How To Check SSS Contribution Online

Below is a guide on how to check SSS contribution online. Whether you are a voluntary member, self-employed, private sector employees, and OFW, you can now check the status of your SSS contributions. Follow the instruction below on how to check your SSS contribution.

SSS Online Inquiry: How To Check SSS Member Monthly Contribution

How to check the SSS member monthly contribution through the SSS Online Inquiry?

SSS ONLINE INQUIRY – Here are the easy steps on how to check your monthly contribution to the Philippine Social Security System being an SSS member. In the Philippines, the workers or employees of private, professional, and informal sectors are usually insured under the Philippine Social Security System or more commonly known as the SSS. The SSS is a company run by the government. It was established through the Republic Act No. 1161 and it is for the workers of private institutions. Usually, the monthly contribution of an SSS member is deducted by the employer from the salary and remitted to the state-run company. The good thing is that it is easier for an SSS member to check his or her monthly contribution to the company now through the SSS Online Inquiry. SSS Online Inquiry The SSS Online Inquiry is a service that enables SSS members to check on their monthly contributions, loans, and other information. An SSS member can also check details about his or her ID information through the said online service.

How to check your monthly contribution through the SSS Online Inquiry?

  • To check your monthly contribution as an SSS member, you can register to the official website of the Philippine Social Security System (Visit
  • Register. In registering, you must come up and take note of your User ID and password. You will use it everytime you utilize the SSS Online Inquiry in checking the updates about your contributions, loans, ID information, etc.
  • Choose whether you are an employer or an employee and then check the box before signing in.
Aside from the people working in the private sectors, Filipinos who are self-employed may also apply for a membership in the SSS to secure a retirement pension when old age comes. READ ALSO: SSS SALARY LOAN: How To Apply For Salary Loan To SSS SSS ONLINE: How To Inquire SSS Member’s Monthly Contribution

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