Cherie Gil Death: Is Sharon Cuneta’s Sick Friend Post About Her?

In a recent post, Sharon Cuneta talked about visiting a “very sick friend”, was it about Cherie Gil, a close friend of hers?

CHERIE GIL – “La Primera Contravida” Cherie Gil passed away at the age of 59 and prior to this, Megastar Sharon Cuneta has this post.

Shocking and extremely heartbreaking is the death of the country’s “La Primera Contravida” Cherie Gil who died at the age of 59. To recall, during the early months of 2022, she packed her bags and sold everything she has including her car and flew to New York to be with her children.

Cherie Gil

Also, she went abroad with her head in a clean shave which, for her, signifies rebirth. Her decision to leave was so sudden that her absence in the showbiz industry has been felt. She is the best “kontrabida” that the industry ever had.

Her most iconic role is “Lavinia” in the film “Bituing Walang Ningning” with Megastar Sharon Cuneta. With the success of the film and the apparent bonding the two have made while doing this, they became close friends and that friendship went on for many years.

And now, just prior to the announcement of her death, the Megastar has posted a controversial post about going to a place far away from California to visit a dear friend of hers who is very sick.

“I flew to a place very far away from California to visit a very sick friend who happens to mean the world to me…” says the Megastar in her post. This also explained the reason why she was not able to do the requested video greetings because of this.

She even added, “Sometimes it becomes so tiring and makes me sad when I have to put up a brave front when no one really knows what is going on in my life…”

Cherie Gil and Sharon Cuneta


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