Annabelle Rama Reaction After Watching ‘Maid in Malacañang’

Annabelle Rama wants to say this message to Direk Darryl Yap

Talent manager Annabelle Rama shared her reaction after watching the movie Maid in Malacañang by director-writer Darryl Yap.

The said movie has been receiving polarizing comments from the supporters and critics of the Marcoses. In previous interviews, Direk Darryl said that they just want to show the other side of the story which is not known to many, and that they have no intention to revise history. On the other hand, those opposing this movie said that this is the effort of the Marcoses to change their image previously attributed to them.

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During the premiere night of the movie, Annabelle Rama was one of the showbiz personalities who watched. Based on the article by Abante entertainment columnist Jun Lalin, the talent manager indulged in sharing her reaction to the film about the Marcoses.

Annabelle’s daughter Ruffa Gutierrez played former First Lady Imelda Marcos in the movie. “Iyak ako nang iyak. Natanggal ang eye lashes ko sa kaiiyak. Ang ganda ng pelikula. Ang galing ni Direk Darryl Yap. Lahat ng mga artista niya, may ‘moment’. Manonood uli ako ng ‘Maid in Malacañang,'” the veteran showbiz personality enthused.

Annabelle also told the columnist to relay her reaction to the movie to the director. She wants Direk Darryl to know that she was crying a lot while watching. Since that conversation between Annabelle and Jun happened at 2:00 am, the latter said that he will just talk to Direk Darryl later than that time.

annabelle rama
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The columnist shared that at almost 8:00 am, Annabelle Rama once again called him and relayed the same story about her Maid in Malacañang movie experience. Jun also said that the talent manager was mentioning every scene in the film. At that time, the veteran showbiz personality once again asked Jun if he was able to talk to Direk Darryl already.

When the columnist shared to Direk Darryl the reaction of Annabelle, the director-writer said, “Pakisabi kay Tita Annabelle, super thank you.” Jun Lalin also shared that Ruffa Gutierrez revealed that Annabelle Rama wants to go to every block screening of the movie.

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