Cesar Montano Reacts To Joel Lamangan’s Rant Against ‘Maid in Malacañang’

Cesar Montano is not affected by bashing

Award-winning actor Cesar Montano reacted to the director Joel Lamangan’s rant against Maid in Malacañang movie.

Cesar plays the character of the late President Ferdinand Marcos in the said movie under Viva Films and Vincentiments. Even before the premiere night of the movie, the cast and the production have been receiving negative reactions already.

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One of the prominent people in the entertainment industry who criticized the movie, written and directed by Darryl Yap, was veteran filmmaker Joel Lamangan who said that he is ready to make a movie that will debunk MiM. The veteran director also criticized Direk Darryl who just ignored to magnify this issue.

Amid the bashing that the cast members is receiving, Cesar Montano said that he is considering this as a blessing, based on the article in Abante. He said that hearing criticism from netizens help them grow. Ang masakit dun ‘yung puro magaganda lang naririnig mo. Hindi ka lalago non,” he addede.

The seasoned actor also shared that he was amazed by his son Diego Loyzaga who played the character of President Bongbong Marcos in the movie. Cesar also reacted to those who are thinking that the movie is a sort of historical revisionism.

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He said that if the movie intends to just polish the name of the Marcoses in the eyes of the public then, he would have said the line, “wala kang ginawa kundi party!” which his character said to the character of Diego.

When asked about the rant of Direk Joel Lamangan against the movie about the Marcoses, Cesar Montano said that he respects the opinion of the veteran filmmaker. With this, the actor said that he is also expecting the director to respect their opinion about the prominent political family.

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