VIDEO: Derek Ramsay’s Reaction To Ellen Adarna, Elias’ Prank Goes Viral

You Need to See Derek Ramsay’s Reaction To Ellen Adarna, Elias’ Prank

DEREK RAMSAY – Actress Ellen Adarna recently shared a video, where she and her son, Elias, pulled a prank on her husband, Derek Ramsay.

For some celebrity couples, hilarious pranks are a lifestyle. They don’t even have to wait for April fools to pull a prank on their partners.

They just love to show their love by joking around with one another. Good pranks are what keep the relationships alive and well they say. Celebrity couples who often document their pranks on social media are Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay.

Photo Source: @maria.elena.adarna IG

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay often publicly joke with each other. The Cebuana actress recently shared a video where she and her son Elias Modesto pulled a funny prank on Derek.

In the video, the little boy is seen heading to his stepdad with the toy mouse in his hands. Elias then placed the toy on Derek’s head.

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Photo Source: @maria.elena.adarna IG

Derek Ramsay screamed so loud when he realized that it was a mouse. His wife was the one who filmed the video and her giggles can be heard in the clip.

In the caption of the post, she wrote: “Papa D’s worst nightmare. “Bakit mo binilhan ng ganyan? Ang dami dami ng laru-an…””

Watch the video below:

This is not the first time that Ellen Adarna played a prank on his husband using a mouse. Last year, she showed a toy white mouse in front of Derek’s face all while he was hugging Elias.

Hilariously, the actor’s face transformed into horror and his first reaction was to hit the mouse away and shield Elias from it.

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