Ellen Adarna Has Sassy Response About Women Flirting w/ Derek Ramsay

This is how Ellen Adarna reacts to women who messaged her husband.

ELLEN ADARNA – Famous actress Ellen Adarna reveals there are still women who message her husband and this is her reaction to it.

Last November 2021, couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay tied the knot at Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas in Bataan right before sunset. Their whirlwind romance led to their forever path. They match each other’s energy and people, with some doubters, are happy to see them together in life and sharing similarities that brought them this fun in their lives together.


And despite their marriage being publicized due to their celebrity status, Ellen shared just recently on her Instagram that there are still other women messaging her husband. She candidly opened up about this when someone asked her what to do with women who kept on messaging men who are already committed.

Through her Instagram stories, she entertained the question and revealed that Derek, being a loyal partner to her, would always let her see those messages he received from other girls. And she was not the toxic type.


Accordingly, she would just laugh at it and treat it something like as a form of entertainment. Derek refuses to entertain these women hitting on him and when asked what she feels about it or if she gets annoyed over it, she shared that she only has two moods for matters like this.

“Duha ra na ka-mood ‘Day, tan-awon nimo sa picture, depende kong dug-on ka or di. ‘Hala, kabati sa iyang nawong nag-message message, hala siya kakuyaw.’ Or, ‘Peste kabati ani niyag nawong nag-message message man intawon ni siya?’” she said.

(Translation: “Dalawa lang na mood yan ‘Day, tingnan mo ang picture, depende kung duguin ka or hindi. ‘Hala, ang pangit naman ng itsura nito nag-message message, hala siya ang lupit.’ Or, ‘Peste ang pangit ng mukha nag-message message naman ito?”)

Ellen Adarna


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