Angeline Quinto and Partner Answer Questions About Their Relationship

Here’s the fun and “nakakakilig” Q&A vlog of Angeline Quinto with her partner.

ANGELINE QUINTO – Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto shares a special vlog with her partner as she formally introduced him to the public.

Baby Sylvio is the baby boy of Angeline Quinto with her partner named Nonrev Daquina – a non-showbiz guy. And in her latest vlog, she finally introduced Nonrev formally to her viewers. Accordingly, he is very shy, and anything to do with show business or entertaining people is not his thing. He was just obliged to do it for her vlog.

To recall, in a previous article, Nonrev prepared a Mother’s Day surprise for her. It is her first time celebrating this event as a mother and he made sure that everything was special for her that day. And in a vlog update, she sat down with him, and together, they answered some of the frequently asked questions about their relationship.

The first question was about their first meeting. According to their narrative, they first met in a restaurant but the first time they saw each other was through their common friends. It was love at first sight for Nonrev but on their first meeting, Angeline did not quite leave a good impression on him. That was how everything started between them.

One thing Non liked about her is her thoughtfulness while what he doesn’t like about the singer is whenever she gets angry for no apparent reason. In the same vlog, Non admitted that he is a “batang ama”.

He had his first child at 15 with his first partner. He had two children with his first partner but it did not work out. Non met another girl again and with his second partner, he had one child. The same thing happened as his second relationship also did not work out.

All of his children are girls and Sylvio with Angge is his only boy.

Watch the full vlog below:

Here are some comments of the netizens on this:

Ang cute niya po tumawa… tapos simply lang po siya

Sobrang cute at gaan sa feeling ng video na ito

Cuteee ni Kuya Non, Godbless sa inyong pagmamahalan

Baby Sylvio looks like his dad, thanks for sharing your mom’s journey.

Gwapo naman ng daddy ng baby mo Miss Angeline. Bagay kayo


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