Angeline Quinto Has “Babala” To Someone, Who Is She Referring To?

To who is Angeline Quinto addressing this statement to?

ANGELINE QUINTO – Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto has these intriguing posts and statements, to who is she referring it to?

Nonrev Pelayo Daquina, 26 years old, is the mystery guy in the posts of Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto who is also speculated to be her new boyfriend. Someone named Elisha Arellano surfaced and claimed that she is his girlfriend and revealed that he accordingly has children already.

However, the recent posts of the actress were a bit intriguing as if hitting someone but she’s not mentioned or dropped the name of the person her post is referring to. In one photo, she wrote, “You hate me, but you don’t know me. How cute.”

In one of her posts, she also wrote to someone saying to stop checking her page because she’s good. Here are some other intriguing statements:

“I started the week with a big box of patience. The box is empty now.”

“You hate me? Well okay. Grab a chair and wait for me to care.”

“If you have an opinion about my life, please raise your hand. Now put it over your mouth.”

People assumed that she might be referring to someone who is a girl because one of her posts has stated “Go girl”, thus, sparking speculations that the posts are all about the girl rumored to her “special someone’s” girlfriend.

To recall, she was once got linked to a family man and was just discovered when someone named Valora Padua who claimed to be the man’s wife.


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