Kakampink Supporter Scolds Man Jogging at UP for Wearing BBM Mask

Video of Kakampink Supporter Scolding Man Jogging at UP Campus for Supporting BBM Goes Viral

PINKLAWAN VS BBM SUPPORTER – A Kakampink supporter apprehended and confronted a man jogging at UP campus for wearing BBM face mask.

The Facebook page “The Imperial Patriarch” has shared the video footage of a Kakampink supporter who scolded a man wearing BBM face mask at UP campus. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that a guy jogging at UP campus stopped after he has been apprehended by a kakampink supporter. The woman confronted and scolded her for wearing a BBM face mask and supporting Bong Bong Marcos Jr.

Kakampink Supporter

The lady netizen claimed that she was a martial law victim and elaborated the alleged wrong doings of Marcos family. She also condemned the innocent guy who did nothing wrong but to support his presidential bet.

Unfortunately, the Kakampink supported followed the guy and criticized the guy. The woman lectured the man regarding the wrong doings of Marcoses during the Martial Law period. She did not stop bad mouthing the innocent guy.

The video has been originally posted by a netizen named Eduardo Santos Dela Rama.

Here is the full post:

If you don’t want to get harassed, don’t jog sa UP oval.

Bakit kaya ganito. Nauubos na pera ko pambili ng 7/11 Speakcup na BBM beside my previous university in the hopes na may Karen who would challenge me… wala eh. Pero eto nag jogging lang with BBM-SARA face mask may na trigger na. This is 100% harassment, sinusundan pa nya.

What can you say about this encounter?

What would you do if you were here?

Call the police, engage, or continue jogging?”

Kakampink Supporter

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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