Imee Marcos Len-len videos, Kontra Daya convenor says ‘Leaves bad taste’

Poll watchdog is urging Imee Marcos to resign from Senate committee on poll reforms

Kontra Daya convenor Danilo Arao said that the appearance of Senator Imee Marcos in Len-len videos “leaves a bad taste in the mouth.”

The poll watchdog said that the Senator should quit as the Senate Committee on Electoral Reforms. This is amid the claim of the lawmaker that there was a “serious security breach” at the elections system provider Smartmatic.

Imee Marcos
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Based on the report from ABS-CBN, Arao said that there are two reasons why they are urging Imee Marcos to leave the said position. “Two reasons: first is delicadeza and second is conflict of interest,” he said.

The Kontra Daya convenor stressed that being the sister of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos will pose a conflict of interest.

Smartmatic lawyer Christopher Louie Ocampo said that this is just a mere speculation and so the firm is asking that these statements and alleged data be verified first.

Arao also pointed out that the involvement of Senator Imee in videos featuring “Len-len” is not something that she should do.

The Kontra Daya convenor stressed the fact that Imee Marcos is part of the Len-len videos with references that appeared to be pointing to Vice President Leni Robredo, the opponent of Bongbong Marcos.

She may be doing it as a concern citizen or as part of the Marcos clan. But either way, it also leaves a bad taste in the mouth,” he said.

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Arao also said that the camp of Marcos should “consult a dictionary as to what delicadeza means.” 

The “Len-len” videos were created by director-writer Darryl Yap on Vincentiments’s social media sites as political satires. Sen. Imee Marcos is one of the cast members in the series featuring the puppet named “Len-len.”

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