Darryl Yap Bashed For ‘Pagod Len-len’ Video, Imee Marcos Kape Chronicles Part 3

Netizens criticized Darryl Yap

Director Darryl Yap received bashing from netizens on Twitter because of the “Pagod Len-len” video that he wrote and directed as the third part of the Kape Chronicles of Senator Imee Marcos on Vincentiments YouTube channel.

The first part of this series was titled “Bitter Len-len” and it was followed by “Lutang Len-len”. On February 10, the third part of the Kape Chronicles was released. Aside from Sen. Imee, comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia and Roanna Marie were also in the video.

Darryl Yap
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They talked about the tiring activities that Len-len is doing for she is working 18 hours a day with so many bosses. At the end of the video, this quotation was featured: “Anyone who claims to work 18 hours a day is either lying or stupid.”

In the caption of the video, the source was cited which is an article published on the site www.inc.com. Netizens who commented on this video were amused but not all Twitter users liked it.

Darryl Yap was criticized for allegedly not understanding the jobs of fronliners like doctors and nurses, just like what netizen Carlo Trinidad (@hellokidneyMD) said.

darryl yap comment

Another netizen said that did not wonder why the director is a trending topic again on social media because she already expected that it is something negative.

There was a netizen who also said that he is working 18 hours a day because his job is an important thing for the country.

Another one pointed out that he worked 20 hours when he was an intern for a TV show while there were those who said that Darryl Yap should know better because, in the entertainment industry, they work for longer hours.

darryl yap comment

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