Imee Marcos Kape Chronicles “Bitter Len-len” of VinCentiments Goes Viral

Imee Marcos Goes Viral Over VinCentiments Kape Chronicles “Bitter Len-len”

Senator Imee Marcos elicited reactions online after starring at the Kape Chronicles of VinCentiments titled “Bitter Len-len”.

Senator Imee Marcos, the sister of presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, has been featured in a VinCentiments short film. Senators Imee and Roanna Marie featured in the video named “Bitter Len-Len,” which was directed by Darryl Yap and has cinematography and editing by Vincent L. Asis.

Imee Marcos Vincentiments

The video was published in response to Angelica Panganiban’s campaign advertising warning people not to vote for crooks. Juliana Segovia Parizcova’s spoof of Angelica Panganiban’s sensible voting campaign also got viral online.

“How to battle bitter bashers? Alamin ang coffee chronicles about Len-Len and life!” wrote in the caption.

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Senator Imee opened the video by chastising Roanna for shaming the bashers on social media. Roanna is scolded by the Senator, who tells her not to react to trolls and to stop using social media.

“Ako ba nakita ninyong sumasagot diyan sa social media? Nakita mo ba ako na nakikipagpatutsadahan diyan sa mga bashers na ‘yan? Imagine, kung nagpapapatol ako, hay Apo… sa dami ng mga nagbabash sa amin, baka hindi ako ganito kaganda at my age!” said Imee on the video.

Imee Marcos Vincentiments

She afterward sipped coffee from her cup before addressing someone as ‘Len-len.’ She contacted Len-len three times and complained about how bitter her coffee was. Roanne retorted, criticizing the trolls who believe they are entitled to their own opinions.

“Paano? Makikipagsabayan sa dumi ng isip ng mga ‘yan? Makikipagsiraan? Mang-aasar?” said Imee once again sipping coffee. Se called the name ‘Len-len’ three times and said at the same time “Nako, ang pait ng kape mo!”

 “Patola ka… isa ka bang KABATITI (patola)? Ang pakikipag-usap, parang kape ‘yan… Tama naman na mainit, umuusok, yung coffee beans, ‘yan ang issue… Ang hot water, ‘yan ang brain cells mo… dapat matunaw ang substance para madama ang aroma at sustansya!” she stressed.

The Senator goes on to explain how to create a coffee in more detail reffering to human’s attitude. Thousands of people have seen, reacted to, and commented on the video posted on Facebook. Meanwhile, it’s worth remembering that Angelica Panganiban’s campaign video began with her drinking coffee.

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