Imee Marcos #LutangLenlen Kape Chronicles Ep. 2 Elicits Various Reactions

Here’s the second episode of the Kape Chronicles of Imee Marcos

Vincentiments has released episode two of the Kape Chronicles featuring Senator Imee Marcos and this is about “Lutang Lenlen”.

The said series on Vincentiments’ YouTube channel is centered on coffee being related to the realities of life. In the first episode, Sen. Imee was asking Lenlen was her coffee was so bitter.

imee marcos
📷: Vincentiments YT Channel

Writer and director Darryl Yap related the bitterness of Lenlen’s coffee to the reaction of some people to online bashing. For the second episode, more symbolism surfaced.

Len-len, may lumulutang. May lumulutang sa kape ko!” Sen. Imee Marcos said in the video. Then, she said that hot water is like the brain cells, it should be very hot in order to dissolve the coffee. “Para makatunaw ng substance,” the Senator said.

“Kapag di masyadong tunaw, tulad ng ganito. Itong kape ni Len-len, wala masyadong substance,” Sen. Imee added. One part of the video also talked about the moment when Len-len could not decide what color of the blouse she will wear – if it is going to be pink or yellow.

Because of this, the hashtag “Lutang Lenlen” trended on Twitter and this second episode of the Kape Chronicles of Sen. Imee Marcos garnered various reactions. Some netizens said that presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos is pushing for no negative campaigning but his supporters are doing the opposite. There was also a netizen who answered this Kape Chronicles of Vincentiments while some criticized the Senator doing this kind of video.

imee marcos negative comme

On the other hand, there were those who pointed out that this is satirical and said that they were amused by this Kape Chronicles series. As of this writing, episode 2 of Kape Chronicles is number 46 on the trending list of YouTube videos.

What can you say about this?

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