Netizens Lauded Young Man For Earning P300k/Month After Starting Own Clothing Line

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR – A young man has started his own clothing line with just P20, 000 and receives a massive support.

A 22-year-old guy from Valenzuela loaded P20, 000 to start a humble business. He decided to start his own clothing line and he was able to pay it within just a month. His business grows with the help of social media.

The young entrepreneur named John Jhenery Tiu did not achieve his success in an instant but poured a lot of hardwork just to reach his goal. He came from a broken family and stayed with his auntie for four years.

Young Man

Tiu’s aunt supported him since 2016 but he decided to quit school in 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic strikes the country. The pandemic pushed him to do something to achieve his dream and started his humble business.

Initially, he did not think of starting a clothing business for having no passion to learn such thing but eventually realized that he can learn all the process along the way.

“Gusto ko ring mag-model pero wala sa isip ko ‘yung mag-clothing or magkaroon ng patahian kasi parang hindi naman po gano’n kahaba ang pasensya ko para pag-aralan ‘yung mga bagay-bagay na ‘yun, ‘pag ginagawa mop o ‘yung isang bagay, parang along the way matutuhan mong pag-aralan, matutuhan mong mahalin ‘yung ginagawa mo,” Tiu said.

John launched his own clothing business in September 2021 by selling his products to his friends. He and his cousins design and prepares the products. He also met a tailor who helped him with his products.

Currently, the young man is selling minimalist oversized t-shirt for P269 to P339. He is also selling Tote bags with price ranging P100 below. He was able to sold over 4, 000 shirts in less than a year and earned around P1 million.

Young Man

The latter expressed his gratefulness towards his aunt for supporting his business. He is already planning to open a physical store in Valenzuela soon.

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