Fake MMDA Enforcers Caught on Camera Extorting Money on Osmeña Highway

MMDA Enforcers

Fake MMDA Enforcers Caught on Camera Extorting Money on Osmeña Highway EXTORTION – Fake MMDA enforcers were caught on camera extorting money from motorists along Osmeña Highway. Recently, the Facebook page VISOR shared a video of a suspected fake MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority) enforcer attempting to extort money from motorists along the intersection of … Read more

President BBM Calls for Better Training for Traffic Enforcers

President BBM

Traffic Enforcers Need Better Training to Manage Traffic Flow, President BBM Says President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is pushing for improved training for traffic enforcers in Metro Manila to effectively manage traffic flow. Traffic congestion is a major problem in the Philippines, especially in highly urbanized areas like Metro Manila. The country’s roads and transportation infrastructure … Read more

Cops Arrest Hot-Headed Rider for Disrespecting Traffic Enforcers

Hot-Headed Rider

NOVALICHES, QUEZON CITY – The cops arrested a hot-headed rider for disrespecting two traffic enforcers during an apprehension. Novaliches PNP officers arrested a motorcycle rider for physically assaulting two traffic enforcers who were managing traffic flow. The enforcers reportedly flagged down the motorcyclist for not wearing a helmet.

Rider Arrested After Assaulting 2 Traffic Enforcers in Novaliches


Police Authorities Arrest Rider for Assaulting 2 Traffic Enforcers A 21-year-old rider has been arrested after assaulting two traffic enforcers during an apprehension in Novaliches, Quezon City. On Wednesday afternoon (November 29, 2023), a 21-year-old rider found himself in trouble after physically assaulting two traffic enforcers in General Luis Street in Novaliches, Quezon City. According … Read more

Motorist Criticized for Assaulting Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension


Raging Motorist Assaults Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension, Suspect Arrested A hot-headed motorist received a massive amount of criticisms for assaulting traffic enforcers during apprehension. Traffic enforcers protect our roadways by controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians to avoid congestion and accidents. Their role is controlling intersections, guiding drivers, and ensuring that traffic rules are … Read more

Motorcycle Rider Engages in Heated Argument w/ Traffic Enforcers During Apprehension

Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Rider Elicits Criticisms Online for Engaging in Heated Argument w/ Traffic Enforcers After Committing Traffic Violation A motorcycle rider engaged in a heated exchange of arguments with traffic enforcers during his apprehension along the EDSA busway. In the Philippines, heavy traffic congestion has become one of the major problems for motorists and commuters. Traffic … Read more

7 Silay City Traffic Enforcers Positive for Using Illegal Drugs Sacked

7 Traffic Enforcers Sacked after Found Positive for Using Illegal Drugs in Silay City Seven (7) traffic enforcers were sacked after being discovered positive for allegedly using illegal drugs in Silay City. Silay City’s local administration fired seven traffic enforcers after they tested positive for illegal drug use. During a surprise drug test in this … Read more

Jeepney Driver Jailed After Trying to Escape & Threatening Traffic Enforcer

Jeepney Driver

Police Arrests Jeepney Driver After Trying to Escape & Threatening Traffic Enforcer A jeepney driver was apprehended and subsequently arrested for attempting to escape and allegedly threatening the life of a traffic enforcer in Manila. The driver, identified as Mharwen Areglado, had only been operating as a jeepney driver in the city for two months … Read more

Jeepney Driver Caught on Camera Trying to Escape Traffic Enforcers in Manila

Jeepney Driver

Jeepney Driver Tries to Escape Traffic Enforcers in Manila After Committing Violation THRILLING CCTV FOOTAGE – A jeepney driver’s daring escape from traffic enforcers in Manila was caught on camera. As we navigate the hustle and bustle of urban life, one group of individuals plays a crucial role in ensuring order and safety on our … Read more

 2 Brave Traffic Enforcers Arrested 2 Snatchers in Bulacan

2 Snatchers Arrested After Pursued by 2 Brave Traffic Enforcers Two (2) courageous traffic enforcers captured two suspected phone snatchers after pursuing them after they snatched a phone. Two males who stole a student’s cell phone were apprehended by pursuing traffic officers in the city of Malolos, Bulacan. The two suspects were identified as Jake … Read more