Cesar Montano Bonds With Children, Sunshine and Teresa React

Here are the reactions of Sunshine Cruz and Teresa Loyzaga to photos of Cesar Montano with his children.

CESAR MONTANO – Seasoned actor Cesar Montano spends time bonding with children and their mothers have these reactions.

Many were surprised but happy at the same time when Diego Loyzaga posted a photo with his father seasoned action star Cesar Montano. After seven years of conflict, the two have finally reconciled. Previously, he expressed that he’s been reaching out to him and was even proud when some would notice his uncanny similarity when it comes to acting to him.


In a previous report, he shared that going to the United States has made him a better person. Along with exploring other places are also his realizations. With all his experiences and everything he had gone through, he gained a better perspective. He became determined to fix everything in his life and that included his relationship with his father.

And just recently, he posted another moment with his father and this around, they are with his half-sisters Angelina, Samantha, and Chesca. The three girls are the actor’s children with Sunshine Cruz while he is his son with actress Teresa Loyzaga. The two mothers of his children, Teresa and Sunshine are close and to see him with his children has brought them great joy.


In the comment section of the post, both of them expressed happiness. Teresa commented that when the “children are happy, the mothers are happiest”. And Sunshine agreed. She said, “Finally all five of you. More of this please.”

Sunshine Cruz
Photo grabbed on IG

In a post where Diego shared his reconciliation with his father, he also shared that he has apologized to him for the “impulsiveness of his youth”. To recall, he accused him of many bad things and some statements implied that he is a bad father to him.


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