Cesar Montano Reacts To Son Diego Loyzaga’s Baby News

Cesar Montano, Diego Loyzaga

Cesar Montano’s Fatherhood Advice To Son Diego Loyzaga CESAR MONTANO – Veteran actor Cesar Montano shares his thoughts about son Diego Loyzaga being a brand-new dad. Many people are delighted by the closeness between Cesar Montano and Diego Loyzaga, his son with Teresa Loyzaga. Many are aware that their past was not ideal, but what … Read more

Teresa Loyzaga Proud to Diego Loyzaga for Having Baby: “Proud Glam-Ma!”

Teresa Loyzaga Expresses Happiness with Diego Loyzaga Having a Baby Veteran actress Teresa Loyzaga expresses happiness and proud of her son Diego Loyzaga for having a baby and her “apo”. Teresa Loyzaga expressed her support for her son Diego Loyzaga in social media posts following his “soft launch” as a full-fledged father. Diego previously published … Read more

Diego Loyzaga Photo w/ Baby, Cristy Fermin Reveals This

Diego Loyzaga

Cristy Fermin makes this revelation about Diego Loyzaga who recently shared a photo with his baby. DIEGO LOYZAGA – Cristy Fermin has these revelations about actor Diego Loyzaga who recently made a big announcement. As he turns 28 years old, VIVA artist Diego Loyzaga introduced his baby to the public. He did not show the … Read more

Diego Loyzaga Speaks on Mom Teresa, Dad Cesar Montano being not on Speaking Terms

Diego Loyzaga, Teresa Loyzaga, Cesar Montano

Diego Loyzaga Makes Clarification on Relationship between Mom Teresa, Dad Cesar Montano DIEGO LOYZAGA – The young actor explained further on the statement of his mom, Teresa Loyzaga, that she is not in speaking terms with Cesar Montano. Both parents of actor Diego Loyzaga are celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry. Thus, many parts of … Read more