Diego Loyzaga On Reconciliation With Father Cesar Montano After 7 Years

What made Diego Loyzaga reconcile with his father after lambasting him on social media many years ago?

DIEGO LOYZAGA – This is what Diego Loyzaga realized that pushed him to patch things up with his father Cesar Montano.

In a previous article, many people got elated seeing Diego Loyzaga finally reconciled with his father Cesar Montano. Years ago, he spoke ill of him and accused him of many bad things publicly. But now, after seven years of having a rough relationship with him, he finally got the courage to patch things up with him and apologize for everything that has happened in the past.


Teresa Loyzaga and Sunshine Cruz reacted to the reconciliation. Teresa, his mother, is most especially the proudest of him. And now, speaking about their good relationship now, he shared that he stumbled upon certain realizations in life and that made him finally decide to fix their relationship.

This time now, what he wants is to make everyone that he loves and who loves him be a part of his life. He wants these people to be included. And it just makes him sad seeing the number of years wasted because of his impulsiveness and anger towards his father. Many years were wasted and they are not getting any younger.


“I was thirteen when I met him. Thirteen years wasted, seven years since I’ve talked to him. I’m twenty-six. It means I’ve only been seeing him or spending time with him for six years of my life, and that’s sad,” he said.

He just wants to leave it all behind – all the heavy baggage he carried with him in the past years. He admitted he is not a perfect son but he is trying. He is currently happy and at peace. He gets the affirmations he needs from important people like his mother, father, and Tita.

“Although I made my mistakes, just like every other single human on this earth, I am still moving towards the path of bettering myself,” he expressed based on an interview with PEP.


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