Thieves Stole Fire Volunteer’s Motorcycle While Putting Out Fire in Tondo, Manila

A fire volunteer has expressed its disappointment after losing his motorcycle to thief while helping to put out the fire in Tondo, Manila.

Fire is one of the most unexpected incidents that put many lives on danger because it could happen anytime and anywhere without noticeable indications. It could lead to a loss of properties and even lives.

Most fire incidents could start with electrical problems, unplugged appliances, and gadgets but there are tons of factors that can cause fire, which is really hard to prevent. It could leave victims with a little to start with or nothing at all.

Fire Volunteer

On Friday (March 4, 2022), a fire broke out in Baseco, Tondo Manila, which causes fear and panic among residents. The poor residents carried all the items they can save from the fire.

A male teenager identified as “Nelvy” has been stabbed by an unidentified suspect while helping the residents to put out the fire. He suffered wounds and bruises after stabbed by an ice pick.

A fireman has also expressed his disappointment after losing his motorcycle to an unidentified thief while helping the residents to put out the fire in Baseco, Tondo Manila. He loses his willingness to help the residents after the thieves stole his motorcycle.

Fire Volunteer

“Wala tayong magagawa, likas talaga ‘tong mga tirador [magnanakaw]. Tumutulong ka na nga dito sa nasusunugan pagnanakawan ka pa,” the fireman said.

Another minor resident has been caught stealing electrical cables but the kid explained that he has colleagues who were also stealing cables.

According to the reports, 11 cases have been recorded in 2021 and one case in 2022. The incidents have been recorded from February 2021 until March 4, 2022.

Meanwhile, the affected residents were currently residing at the evacuation center. The barangay officials have already made a plan to prevent the robbery incidents. Reblocking the residents could prevent such incidents.

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