Hayden Kho Shares Christian Traits During Election Campaign

This is how a Christian should behave according to Hayden Kho during election.

HAYDEN KHO – Famous cosmetic doctor Hayden Kho shares some learning about Christian behavior during the election campaign.

The 2022 Philippine presidential election is meant to find a reboot but as the country approaches the day, more and more drama gets to unfold. This year’s election seems to be very crucial and very controversial. President Rodrigo Duterte will be stepping down leaving the Filipino populace in a carnival of confusion and trickery.

And when it comes to choosing a leader, famous Doctor Hayden Kho shared something about how a Christian should behave at times of the campaign.

First, he listed is to act accordingly because our actions represent Christ, not the politician you are supporting. He then furthered about sharing the merits of the one you support but it should never be not in a way of putting down their opponents. Christians must not make others look bad just to put their candidate on a certain pedestal of goodness.

Doc Hayden Kho

Going third, he stressed about making sure that what one says must be a fact because a Christian would never slander others. He went on to say that no candidate is perfect. These politicians also have flaws, failures, and faults which makes it wrong to treat them like some sort of a god or a goddess.

Doc Hayden Kho

The doctor highlighted that election is temporary which makes it not worth it as a reason to destroy something such as relationships and friendships permanently. He also gave significance to not getting embroiled in arguments that would drag Christ into the mud, to not letting your passion for a candidate exceed your passion for Christ, and lastly, to do everything with love.

Doc Hayden Kho


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