UK Study Shows Wearing Face Masks Results to “Dagdag-pogi Points”

Wearing Face Masks Make “Dagdag-pogi Points”, UK Study Says

UK study shows that wearing face masks reportedly results to “Dagdag-pogi Points” and makes men more attractive.

The United Kingdom released the result of a study showing wearing face masks make a person more attractive. The Filipino people in the country expressed their reactions to the research study.

According to the study of Cardiff University in UK last February 2021, 43 women have been asked to rate 1-10 the attractiveness of men wearing cloth mask, surgical mask, and with book covering the face.

UK Study

“The results show that faces were considered as most attractive when covered by medical masks and significantly more attractive when occluded with cloth  masks than when no occluded,” Oliver Hies and Michael B. Lewis states.

The study shows the medical mask has been linked to being a responsible and caring citizens, which positively impact perceived attractiveness. Several experts that we can create or fill our imaginations.

“Pero yung mata ay kulang para magdescribe kung ano yung nasa harapan mo so parang ganun, so ang laki ng possibility ng probability na ikaw ay maganda, gwapo at iba pa, yun naman yung ine-expect natin lagi,” cultural analyst Prof. Jimuel Naval said.

Several Pinays agree to the study and assumed men wearing masks were handsome. They also prefer people wearing face masks. However, some people find people more attractive without face masks.

Some citizens claimed that we should still base on the individual’s personality before looking to the physical appearance.

UK Study

The netizens expressed their reactions to the study:

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