Christmas Carolers Still Advised to Wear Face Masks – DOH

DOH Says Christmas Carolers Should Still Wear Face Masks The Department of Health (DOH) advised the Christmas carolers that they should still wear face masks while singing. The Christmas pilgrims are instructed by the DOH about their planned caroling activities. They should continue to use face masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus sickness, according … Read more

UK Study Shows Wearing Face Masks Results to “Dagdag-pogi Points”

UK Study

Wearing Face Masks Make “Dagdag-pogi Points”, UK Study Says UK study shows that wearing face masks reportedly results to “Dagdag-pogi Points” and makes men more attractive. The United Kingdom released the result of a study showing wearing face masks make a person more attractive. The Filipino people in the country expressed their reactions to the … Read more

Manila Allegedly Prohibits Lacson-Sotto Face Masks to be Worn – Drivers

Drivers Exposed Lacson-Sotto Face Masks Allegedly Prohibited to be Worn by Manila LGU Public vehicle drivers exposed that the face masks with Lacson-Sotto design are allegedly being prohibited to be worn by the Manila government. Drivers of public transportation are upset because they are being chastised for wearing Lacson-Sotto face masks while on the job. … Read more

Pasaway Residents Caught on Camera Walking Outside w/ No Face Masks

Pasaway Residents

Concerned Netizen Shares Video of Pasaway Residents Walking Outside w/ No Face Masks During Fiesta Several pasaway residents have been caught on camera while walking along the road with no face masks during their “fiesta”. Nowadays, the coronavirus disease continues to spread in various regions all around the world including the Philippines. The pandemic has … Read more

Vaccinated Students Don’t Need Face Masks In US

Students In US Don’t Need Face Masks If Fully Vaccinated In Classroom VACCINATED STUDENTS – Both students and teachers no longer need face masks if they are fully vaccinated. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, schools shifted to an online platform. However, with the vaccine roll-out, more and more students have already gotten inoculated against COVID-19. Recently, … Read more

Law Enforcer Apprehends Face Mask Violators But Commit the Same Offense

Face Mask Violators

Law Enforcer Caught on Camera Apprehending Face Mask Violators But Committing the Same Offense A law enforcer earns criticisms online after apprehending face mask violators but he also commit the same offense. The Facebook page “Joshlyn Tv” has shared the video footage of a law enforcer who apprehended face mask offenders. The video footage garnered … Read more

Minors Caught Maskless, Gathers and Play Games at Fiesta in Baclaran

Maskless Minors Caught Gathering and Play Games at Fiesta in Baclaran Several minors were caught on video gathering without wearing masks and playing games during the fiesta celebration in Baclaran. On Sunday, a video was taken of some minors having a good time playing games in honor of their Baclaran fiesta. According to the video, … Read more

DENR Reminds Public to Dispose Face Masks Properly to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

Face Masks

DENR Encourages Public to Properly Dispose Face Masks and Other Healthcare Wastes DENR reminded the Filipino people to properly dispose their face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) appealed to the Filipinos to dispose their used face masks and face shields properly amid the health crisis … Read more

Duterte’s Arrest Order vs COVID-19 Violators Could Congest Jails – DILG

DILG Says Duterte’s Arrest Order Against Violator Could Rapidly Fill Jails The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) claimed that jails could be filled quickly due to President Rodrigo Duterte’s arrest order. According to DILG Undersecretary and Spokesperson Jonathan Malaya, the jails could be overcrowded as a result of increased arrests of those who … Read more

Duterte Orders PNP to Arrest People Wearing Mask Improperly in Public

Duterte Orders Arrest to People Failed to Wear Face Mask in Public President Rodrigo Duterte orders arrest against people who are not wearing and failed to observed proper wearing of face mask in public. Duterte directed the Philippine National Police (PNP) to arrest and detain violators of the government’s mask-wearing law in a televised speech, … Read more