Single Mom of 2 Kids Goes Viral After Tying the Knot w/ Her Lifetime Partner

A single mom of two kids finally found her lifetime partner and encouraged her fellow women and single mom not to lose hope.

A Facebook user named Roviedelia Soriano Villena has shared the photos of her wedding photos together with her husband. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the social media users.

Roviedelia narrated that she was not expecting her boyfriend to propose although she had two children already. She had been in two failed relationships; 12 years and two years with undeserving guys.

Single Mom

Soriano revealed that her current partner proposed to her a month after engaging in a relationship. She gets emotional after partner processed all the necessary requirement for their big day.

The two finally tied the knot after six months and she is also grateful to God for giving her a good partner despite her painful relationship experiences in the past. She also encouraged her fellow single mother not to lose hope.

Single Mom Single Mom

Here is the full post:

love is patient,love is kind. it does not envy, it does not boast.

So be patient and wait.

Wait for someone kind.

Wait for someone respectful, not only in the beginning stages of the relationship when things are bright and beautiful, but also when things get hard. Wait for someone who respects your boundaries and does not force you to do things that you’re not willing or ready to do.

Wait for someone who is giving and does not keep count of the good things they do for you.

Wait for someone who challenges you mentally. Someone who inspires you to be a better person.

Wait for someone who takes their time to learn and understand you.

Wait for someone who is consistent with their efforts in showing you how much they care about you.

Wait for someone who wants to be part of your world, and wants you to be part of theirs.

Wait for someone who lets you know you’re on their mind, someone who checks in on you, someone who wants you to know that they care for you.

Wait for someone who is willing to commit to you, someone who is willing to choose you.

Wait for someone who makes love feel easy, calm. Like coming home.

Wait for someone sincere. Someone who doesn’t confuse you because their actions match their words.

Wait for someone honest.

Wait for someone who does their absolute best to not hurt you, someone who strives to protect your heart.

Wait for someone who will choose you over and over and over again. Love is a choice you make every single day. You deserve to find the kind of person who shows up for what you share, someone who believes in it.

Wait for someone who’s not perfect, but rather, real. Perfect is an illusion. Real is where you find something rare and special.

Wait for someone who reminds you that love was always meant to be soft.

I waited for it and now i have it..

Thank you Lord and thank you,love,for everything..for the love and care, for the patience and understanding. For being so kind and supportive..thank you sa masassrap na luto, thank you for making me feel that your house are mine too, and that making me feel that you want to build a Home with me..

God’s love is so powerful, He makes his way for us in just 6 months,and i realy never expected these to happen,kasi di talaga ako naniniwala nung ngpropose ka,(kasi nga nakailan na ako) from 12 yrs relationship and from 2 yrs relationship tapos tau 1 month plang ngpropose kana ,tapos binata kapa, stable na sa buhay, tapos ako single mom of 2..but when you started to look for and call for some wedding suppliers, started to pay everything for the wedding, i feel so emotional, its my first time to see na lalaki ang nag aayos at nglalakad ng mga kailangan sa kasal.. Lagi lang akong ngdadasal sabi ko Lord, ayoko na po sanang mgmahal, ayoko ng umasa at masaktan,focus nlng ako sa mga anak ko, pero kung sa tingin nyo po deserving po akong mgkaroon ng lifetime partner, sana po ang ipagkaloob nyo sa akin ay ung tanggap at mahal ang mga ank ko at may takot sa Dios para may takot din na saktan ako, kahit wag na ako ang mahalin, bsta mahal ang mga ank ko, masayang masaya na po ako.

Until the big day came. Diko mapaliwanag ang naramdaman ko nghahalong tuwa, kaba,at saya halohalo basta diko maexplain. Basta Thank you LORd.. i started to believe that there is still hope the moment i started to believe that God never sleeps. that God sees both my hearts desire and sincere prayers. Tunay po na napakabuti mo panginoonand that All the praises and glory are only to you oh Lord..

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