Netizen Making Fun of Rider Pushing Fellow Motorist Earns Criticisms

Netizen Earns Criticisms Online For Making Fun of Motorcycle Rider Pushing Fellow Motorist Who Experienced “Aberya”

A male netizen who is making fun of a motorcycle rider pushing his fellow motorist earned criticisms from the online community.

The Facebook page “Lazada Vs Shopee” has shared the post of a certain netizen named “Nikki” making fun of a rider pushing his fellow motorist who got stranded. The post garnered various reactions from the social media users.

In the photo, it can be seen that Nikki questions the rider for making such act beside the road. He is considering it as a foolish act and thought that the riders were just playing or showing off along the road.

Pushing Fellow Motorist

The latter criticized the riders for doing such act, which allegedly causes inconvenience, traffic jams and accident along the road without knowing that it was an act of “Bayanihan”. The guy might do not have an idea regarding this act of booster push.

The two motorcycle riders’ act were very common along the road especially to those who experience trouble along the road. Concerned motorist usually stops and helped their fellow motorists in times of need.

Here is the netizen’s statement:

“Anong pauso na naming tong pinaggagawa ng mga to? Kelan pa nagging playground ang HIGHWAY? Nakakasagabal na sa ibang motorist (yung mga sasakyan sa likod niyo hindi makaovertake dahil pasirko sirko pa kayo magdrive) PLUS posibleng maaksidente pa ang iba!”

The post has a caption of:

Ano na naman ka tangahan to nikki?

The online community expressed their reactions to the distasteful remark:

Pushing Fellow Motorist

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