Corrupt Traffic Enforcer Got Fired After Caught Extorting Money From Truck Driver

A corrupt traffic enforcer in Silang, Cavite after he has been caught extorting money from a truck driver.

Nowadays, corruption becomes one of the most common types of crimes not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. Extortion is a form of corruption, which has corresponding sanctions and penalties.

Throughout the years, many motorists have been complaining against traffic enforcers and cops who were extorting money from them. Corruption still happens despite the government’s effort to eradicate corruption.

Corrupt Traffic Enforcer

The truck driver named Prince Alex has used his mobile phone to film his encounter with a traffic enforcer who apprehended them for a certain violation. The lady traffic enforcer confiscate his driver’s license.

The enforcer and the driver remained beside the road to settle the problem. The road officer started to extort P500 cash from the victim to avoid receiving a citation ticket, which will cost more.

Prince and his colleague politely asked the enforcer to lower the price to P200 but the latter refused to accept it. The traffic czar even threatened to give them a violation ticket.

“Pag nagsimul akong magslat tuloy-tuloy na ‘to maniwala kayo sa akin,” the enforcer reiterated.

The two make it P300 and eventually convinced the enforcer. The lady officer received the cash and immediately leave the spot as if nothing happened.

The driver immediately reported it to the Silang management office who quickly take legal actions against the enforcer. The management has decided to hide the enforcer’s identity for the protection of her family.

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