Ivana Alawi “Attitude Problem”, This Is How Zeinab Harake Handled It

This is how Zeinab Harake handled Ivana Alawi when she showed her “attitude”.

IVANA ALAWI – Top vlogger Zeinab Harake encountered Ivana Alawi with an “attitude problem” and this is how she handled her.

Among the top vloggers in the country are Ivana Alawi and Zeinab Harake. Their channels have already surpassed 10 million subscribers and in the recent vlog of the actress, she had a collaboration with Harake. What Zeinab thought from the start is they will do an Arabic food Mukbang but something’s up for her.

Ivana Alawi and Zeinab Harake
Photo grabbed on YouTube

However, putting on some twist to her video, she decided to pull off a prank by showing the female vlogger her bad attitude. She has already told her staff about her plan and they all obeyed what they are told to. Everything was all well-planned and what she just needs to do is to show her the “other side” of her personality.

As she does the prank, she shouts at her staff and calls them unprofessional. She’s been apologizing to Zeinab non-stop because of the tension and the delay. And Zeinab, on the other hand, was obviously uncomfortable over what’s happening around her.

Ivana Alawi and Zeinab Harake
Photo grabbed on YouTube

Zeinab, all the time, was assuring the people around her that she is just fine and that they do not need to worry about her. She was patient in the corner and what she would most of the time is calm Ivana down because she was having outburst due to her staff’s “unprofessionalism”.

Harake was feeling bad about how Ivana treated the waiter, her heated discussion with her handler, and many other things that Ivana has complained about. The prank’s going smoothly but Zeinab was already at a discomfort being in the middle of all the fuss. But not until Ivana blurted out it’s a prank.

Here’s the full prank to see her reaction:


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