Ivana Alawi Owns This Ring That Costs A Whopping Php 12 Million

This is the ring Ivana Alawi bought for herself, her most expensive purchase.

IVANA ALAWI – Jeweler reveals the price of the 8-karat diamond ring of famous actress Ivana Alawi and narrated how she bought it.

An heiress and one of the most followed and most influential social media vloggers in the Philippines is Ivana Alawi. And it is surely no wonder if she can afford to give herself multi-million investments. She probably earns so much from her vlogging career and from the businesses she inherited from her father.


However, just as wealthy as her bank account is also her kindness and generosity to many people. In many vlogs and other circumstances on and off the camera, Ivana always makes sure to hand something to people who are in need. She can give away a huge amount to people and it’s not something that appears to be bragging or showing off of her wealth but instead, inspiring. Her videos where she features her ways of giving back to the people never failed to touch many hearts of the people.

Currently, the Youtube channel of the actress now has over 14 million subscribers and her channel is one of the fastest-growing in the country. And previously, when she turned 24 years old, she shared in one of her videos the ring she bought herself. It is a diamond-studded ring in gold. Gold is her favorite color. Her investment because the value of the piece increases over time.

Ivana Alawi
Photo grabbed on YouTube

She quipped in the video while admiring the ring, “Bakit ako mag-aantay sa lalaki, e, di, bibilihan ko na lang ang sarili ko, di ba?”

She did not disclose how much it costs but it’s accordingly, it’s her most expensive purchase yet. And just recently, the creator of the ring, 29-year-old jeweler Drake Dustin, the man behind LVNA revealed how much it costs. The jeweler said, “It cost around PHP12 something million.”

Ivana Alawi
Photo grabbed on YouTube

The ring is called Ivana Moon which signifies love for herself. Initially, the ring is not for sale. But considering that he was thinking of her when he made it, he decided to make an exemption. After it has been used for a shoot, Ivana came to him and offered to buy the multi-million-peso diamond ring.

“Hindi yun for sale, e. ‘Tapos sabi niya parang gusto niya bilhin iyon. So, nung time na sinabi niya na gusto niyang bilhin, ‘Sige, I think it’s meant for you. I’m gonna sell it to you’… Binili niya! Akala ko nagloloko lang siya. The next day, bigla na lang siyang nag-send ng deposit,” he narrated.

Watch the vlog of the influencer where mentioned the ring:

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What a strong independent woman!!!

You deserve all the things you have right now 🥰

The fact that Ivana is rich but she always stay humble and kind 🥺

Ivana doesn’t need a man to sustain her. Women empowerment! ❤️


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