Zeinab Harake Proudly Introduced Her Beloved Son to Fans

Lady Influencer Zeinab Harake Proudly Introduced Her Beloved Son Online

The social media influencer Zeinab Harake has proudly introduced her beloved son to the online community and fans.

Zeinab Harake is one of the most popular vloggers in the Philippines who rose to fame after breaking up with former boyfriend Ex-Battalion member Skusta Clee. She has made her name on Facebook and YouTube.

The lady vlogger captured the hearts of the viewers because of her stunning beauty, impressive body figure, and charisma. The fans also loved her personality as well as for being kind and generous towards the less-fortunate.

Zeinab Harake

However, despite her popularity on social media, some of her fans might not know that the female YouTuber has a son. In her recent vlog, the social media personality introduced her som “Lucas”.

The 22-year-old influencer clarified that she is not the biological mother of “Lucas”. Harake revealed that she treats her adopted son just like her real child. She legally adopted Lucas and she is considered as the legal mother of the young boy.

Zeinab also revealed that her adopted son also stays with her mother in Cavite whenever she is busy but making sure to provide everything for her kid.

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Zeinab Harake Zeinab Harake

Check out her recent video here:

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