69-Year-Old Grandpa Suffers Wound After Bitten by Snake While Sleeping

69-Year-Old Grandpa Gets Bitten by Snake While Sleeping in Jaro, Iloilo

A 69-year-old grandpa has suffered wounds after he was bitten by a snake while sleeping inside his room in Jaro, Iloilo City.

Numerous sightings of snakes and other wild creatures have been recorded in the Philippines throughout the previous decades. Those reptiles contain venom that could cause harm to the victims.

Some individuals have already died after suffering snake bite. The Department of Natural Resources warned the public to avoid having an encounter with snakes and contact the authorities for proper measure.


An elderly grandpa identified as Jerry Jacosalem suffered wounds on his head and hands after he was bitten by a snake at his home in Barangay San Isidro, Jaro, Iloilo City. He was sleeping when the incident happened.

Jacosalem narrated that he was peacefully sleeping in his room when he was shocked after something bi him. He was terrified after seeing the reptile on his bed. He immediately run to escape.

The latter sought help from his neighbors and the barangay watchmen were able to catch the serpent. The barangay officials assumed that the serpent came from the nearby river and gets lost in the area while searching for food.

The senior citizen suffers wounds but he is safe and healthy after receiving first aid. The snake has been identified as a ‘Reticulated Python’ which is a non-venomous type of reptile.

The barangay officials have turned over the snake to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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