What is the current status of Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao’s relationship?

In November, gamer-cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao confirmed through her social media post that she and YouTuber Wil Dasovich already broke up, however, just recently, their fellow content creator Nas Daily or Nuseir Yassin had this intriguing statement.

Netizens, especially the fans of the Wilodia tandem, were shocked by the breakup confirmation that Alodia did. She said that people have been asking her about the status of her relationship with Wil and so she decided to reveal the truth.

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Although there was a third-party issue, Alodia said that the breakup was due to the differences that they weren’t able to work out. Amid this issue, Wil Dasovich has remained silent but many netizens believed that his two-part Letter From Nepal vlog was for Alodia Gosiengfiao.

An article from Manila Bulletin stated that Wil’s recent #Resbak video with Nas Daily appeared to have hinted something about his relationship with Alodia. In the video, Nas asked Wil to have a photo with him.

Talking to his mother, who he fondly calls Mudra, Wil said, “Mom, let’s ‘cancel’ him. Let’s get him back for ruining my career.” Then came the intriguing statement from the Israeli-born Arab vlogger.

“Wil Dasovich woke up with his girlfriend!” Nas spurted. The Fil-Am vlogger apparently was surprised by this and so he suddenly ended the video while shouting “Oh my gosh!”

CLARIFICATION: Wil Dasovich Clarifies Nas Daily’s ‘Woke up w/ his girlfriend’ Statement

Photo Source: @nasdaily IG

Reportedly, even after the breakup confirmation, some netizens claimed that Wil and Alodia were still spotted together roaming around the mall. Following that, rumors surfaced that the two famous social media personalities were spotted together at the same lounge in the airport on the same day.

Alodia posted on her social media account that she was heading to Singapore at that time while Wil was going to Abu Dhabi for the VidCon.

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