Wil Dasovich Clarifies Nas Daily’s ‘Woke up w/ his girlfriend’ Statement

Wil Dasovich cited Philnews’ article about him

YouTuber Wil Dasovich clarified the past article saying that his fellow vlogger Nas Daily or Nuseir Yassin had the statement “woke up with his girlfriend.”

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Last December, Philnews cited the article that was first published on the site of Manila Bulletin with this title: “Nas Daily Claims Wil Dasovich ‘Woke’ Up With His Girlfriend.” Later on, Manila Bulletin has edited this to “Nas Daily teases Wil Dasovich with ‘broke up with his girlfriend.’”

wil dasovich manila bulletin article
screenshot of Manila Bulletin’sarticle’s link
screenshot of Manila Bulletin’s edited title

In Wil’s vlog that was released on January 19, he showed the phone of Nas Daily with the article from MB stating “woke up with his girlfriend”. Nas corrected this saying that what he said was “broke up”.

screenshot of Nas Daily’s phone / Wil’s vlog

Wil also made a correction saying that he “didn’t break up with her.” The Fil-Am vlogger also showed the article about this that was published on the site of Philnews that was based on the now-edited article of Manila Bulletin.

With this, Nas Daily said that people should not believe everything on the internet and quipped, “Do not believe the thumbnail and the title of this video particularly because I’m guessing, he’s also click baiting.”

In the same vlog, Wil also recalled the time when news outlets said that he was cancelled by Nas because of the latter’s statement during a podcast. This also became a trending topic on social media. The Fil-Am vlogger also did a vlog addressing this issue.

Regarding this past issue, Nas said that they were just having a nice conversation. Then, Wil said that it was Nas’s tone of voice that prompted negative reactions.

In the latter part of the vlog, Wil Dasovich said that it is common between him and Nas Daily to roast each other and it is even more intense behind the camera.

What can you say about this?

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