Kylie Padilla Pens The Sweetest Poem For Robin Padilla’s Birthday

Here’s the poem Kylie Padilla made for her father Robin Padilla as he turned a year older.

KYLIE PADILLA – Robin Padilla just received a sweet poem from his daughter Kylie Padilla as he officially marked the 52nd year of his life.

Veteran and iconic action star Robin Padilla just turned 52 years old and Kylie Padilla, his daughter with Liezl Sicangco, penned the sweetest poem for him. The poem is about how grateful she is for all the things his father has done to all of them. She is thankful for having him and his guidance all throughout her life.

In another post, Kylie presented a short teaser of her upcoming vlog which she called the “conversation she never had with her father”. In the 48-second teaser, Kylie was seen as emotional and teary-eyed as she expressed some realizations she had and lessons she learned as to how her parents have raised her.

She realized that spending time with her parents is really important and essential. She now knows that family must be prioritized first before anything else. Sincerely grateful, she was heard saying this: “You trained me really well. I love the way you parented us. I love you, Pa. Thank you.”

Read the full 24-liner literary created by Kylie for her father’s birthday shared in an IG post:

Writing about you, I would have to do with the most expensive kind of ink
Irreplaceable, you knew me when I could not yet even think
And you taught me to give life’s battle a good effing fight
And I fight with all the strength I have
I know you in ways even I don’t understand, yet
It’s in the way we go quiet when we are sad, it’s loud
It’s in the way that we don’t speak, but we feel it
And the way I try to find you in people that I seek
It’s how I find comfort in just one touch
In an embrace I waited so long to grasp
For a moment I felt like I lost something
A something, a thing that only you could bring and it would be enough
Wounds have their own way of healing
And time is where it finds it’s truest meaning
In all the things I cannot say
All the games I no longer want to play
It’s the return to a girl I needed to face
I don’t want any precious memories to go to waste
So with this ink, I rewrite the story
One where I am thankful and I am sorry
I think it’s what you call maturity
Or maybe only now I understand how your prayers protected me
Love is a beautiful thing once it sets you free
So today I would just like to thank you for being a father to me.

Meanwhile, Kylie has gone through a rough and controversial path previously regarding her highly-publicized separation from her husband Aljur Abrenica. Despite everything that has happened, her estranged husband hoped that they could still be friends just like how they are before they became a couple only in a different situation now.

Aljur and Kylie still have communication and it is purely because of their sons. They are working out a healthy co-parenting relationship for alas and Axl because they believe it’s the most that they can do for them following the failure of their marriage.


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