Miss Universe Philippines Beatrice Luigi Gomez Cheated?

Beatrice Luigi Gomez, crowned Miss Universe Philippines, is under hot waters due to this viral post.

BEATRICE LUIGI GOMEZ – Crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez faces an issue after this post disclosing her alleged cheating went viral.

The crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez is famous not just because she is the newly crowned lady to represent the country in the upcoming international competition of the said pageant. She is famous because of her bravery for winning in love being in a relationship with Kate Jagdon, her girlfriend for seven years.


She raised the flag of the community and she vowed to become their voice in the society where being a part of the LGBT remains a moral issue. And when Bea won the crown, her girlfriend was the happiest and proudest of her. However, it seems like the “sumpa” of the crown is true.

People have noticed this pattern to MUPH winners where they get to always fail in love after winning the crown. Past winners like Catriona Gray and Rabiya Mateo have both broken up with their long-time boyfriends after winning in the beauty pageant. Thus, “sumpa ng korona” was coined.

Recently, a post from a certain “Johnny Batumbakal” has gone viral online. The post discloses the alleged cheating of the beauty on her girlfriend for seven years. “Johnny” shared screenshots of his observations which seemingly verified his hunches.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez
Beatrice Luigi Gomez

She shared a snap of John Odin, the other man of Bea, and the one she’s holding hands in one of the photos. In the statements Johnny made in the viral posts, it implied that Odin is close to both Kate and Bea but he accordingly stole Bea and such an act is something people must not emulate as per the post.

It furthered that Bea has another private account where Odin follows her but not Kate.

Check out the post below:



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