Kris Aquino Engagement To Mel Senen Sarmiento, Here’s Her Statement

In a post, Kris Aquino happily announces she’s looking forward to becoming a “Sarmiento”.

KRIS AQUINO – Former actress and TV host, Kris Aquino, announces on social media that she is now engaged to partner Mel Senen Sarmiento.

Former secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) under late President Noynoy Aquino’s administration Mel Senen Sarmiento is the partner of Kris Aquino. This is following the stirred-up speculations when Sarmiento invaded her Instagram account and replied to one of her bashers.

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To recall, she said in a previous article that she might need someone now who is able to stand as a father figure to her two boys. And above anything else, she will only be with someone who her boys will approve of. She wants someone who has values, is prayerful, has integrity, is smart, and is hardworking. And with Sarmiento, apart from achieving the approval of her sons, he has become that person who had the guts to stand up for her.

And on October 24, in an Instagram post, she posted a video with him and the post has a lengthy caption. The video started with a montage of pink rose with the song “I Knew I Loved You” in the background. It was then followed with footage of Kris and Mel nervous and all smiles and standing next to the bouquet, they appear like they want to announce something.

In the post, seeing how thin she was, she admitted that she is just 95 pounds now. She cited stressful events as the reason why her weight dropped and for her health to suffer. And recalling when her brother passed away months ago, she realized that he’ll never leave without putting her in a better situation. She is thankful to him because if it was not for him, she won’t be able to meet and be connected again to Mel.

She then went on stating, “To my best friend and the man I said yes to spending the rest of my life with, thank you for as Bimb said loving me for me, with no agenda, and for being just an overall good and patient man.”

Kris expressed how unreal the feeling of calmness and peace that he brought her. And with as much privacy they needed for themselves, she added that the most that she can share now is saying that she might be proud to be an Aquino but now, she is looking forward to being a Sarmiento.

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