Kris Aquino ‘My story, My truth’ Announcement Not Happening Soon?

What is Kris Aquino talking about in her cryptic post?

KRIS AQUINO – Following a cryptic post, Kris Aquino shared she decided to distance herself from social media after realizing she’s not healed yet.

After some time off from social media, famous personality Kris Aquino shared a quote from her sister that says, “Sometimes the things that break your heart, end up fixing your vision.”

The caption of the quote expressed an announcement teasing that she will be sharing her “story and truth” that’s supposed to happen this weekend, however, it seems like this is not yet happening. In another post, she posted a narrative about her healing and what she’s been going through that’s pulling her back to share her “story and truth”.

“From before my birthday up to tonight – professional, personal unresolved matters of the heart, and attacks on my family, specifically my children, have hurt and angered me,” she said in her post and added that she’s “in the process of healing”.

Kris Aquino
Photo grabbed on IG

She furthered that her production team is already prepared for her revelations but she knows how transparent she can be and being in an emotional state, people would surely still be able to read between the lines in her story. She is also certain that no matter how careful her staff will be in editing, she’s the one who won’t be able to halt herself because the people know her too well. Along her struggles is her weight loss amid her treatment for her autoimmune disease.

“When I do face you, it will be on my terms – when I am fully prepared for whatever consequences my words may carry,” she stated.

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