Brave Man Shares Video of His Creepy & Horrifying Experience at Haunted School

Video of Brave Man During His Creepy & Horrifying Experience at Haunted School Goes Viral

The video footage of a brave man who shared his creepy and horrifying experience at a haunted school elicits comments online.

A YouTube vlogger “ghost HUNTERS44” has shared the video footage of his creepy and terrifying encounter with supernatural entities at a haunter school. The video immediately goes viral and earns reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the guy is filming his adventure inside of an unnamed school while voice of howling dogs can be heard in the background. Some banging noises can be also heard with no other people inside the vicinity.

Brave Man

The vlogger reiterated that he had no other choice but to face his fears and film the incident because it was a part of his job. He also described his job as a horrifying and harmful job. He also visited a few classrooms.

The brave man also filmed of how chairs suddenly move on their own without any person manipulating or causing them to move. The incident looks like a real “paranormal activity” that could not explain by science alone.

The guy switched on the lights and the paranormal activity stopped. He quickly run away after getting out of the classroom.

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However, the latter retracted the video due to some problems and give an explanation for deleting it on his channel.

Brave Man

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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