Robredo Says Isko’s Stance On Marcoses “Non-Negotiable”

Robredo Says Isko’s Stance On Marcoses Pushed Her To Run In 2022

ROBREDO ON ISKO’S STANCE – According to Vice President Leni Robredo, she and fellow Presidential candidate Isko Moreno don’t see eye to eye on a lot of points, especially with the Marcoses.

Since the beginning, Robredo had been vocal about her stance against the Marcoses and their return to power. Meanwhile, the same could not be said for Isko who was previously seen as a close ally of the administration.

Robredo Says Isko's Stance On Marcoses "Non-Negotiable"

As such, when Isko filed his certificate of candidacy (COC), Robredo said that it pushed her to run for the highest seat in the Philippines. Based on an article from ABS-CBN, Robredo stated:

I don’t want to go into details pero sa akin kasi mayroong mga non-negotiable and yung mga Marcos, non-negotiable yun sa akin

Furthermore, Leni highlighted that a Robredo-Moreno tandem couldn’t be possible due to misaligned principles. “Maraming points na hindi kami aligned. Mahirap ipilit yung unity kung sa basic na prinsipyo hindi kayo nagkakaisa“, she added.

Earlier, Isko said that he would become a “healing president”. However, he also stated that Bongbong Marcos Jr. should prove that he would be different from his father.

Meanwhile, Leni said that she and her camp already spoke to other presidential contenders hoping to get a united opposition against Duterte and the Marcoses. But, with the new political landscape, the Vice President emphasized that the fight has drastically changed.

“Ngayon iba na ang laban… Hindi lang pagbabalik ng anak ng diktador pero laban sa masamang pamamahala, bulok na klase ng pulitika”.

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