“Withdraw Isko” Trending On Social Media After Robredo’s Announcement

“Withdraw Isko” Trending, Netizens Calling To “Let Leni Lead”

“WITHDRAW ISKO TRENDING” – Earlier, Vice President Leni Robredo announced her candidacy for President in the 2022 elections.

However, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno already filed his candidacy for the position. As such, this caused a rift for the voters who want the Mayor to step down from the race and instead #LetLeniLead.

Morena has become a prominent name in the political space. His work in Manila has been praised by Many. But, when it comes to the presidential seat, many were divided.

"Withdraw Isko" Trending On Social Media After Robredo's Announcement

Now, instead of running for President, people want Moreno to run as VP under Robredo instead. But, as of writing, Moreno’s camp had yet to respond to the trending #WithdrawIsko”.

On social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, netizens are calling for a “united opposition”. Meanwhile, some speculate that Moreno’s candidacy is meant to divide votes.

On the other hand, netizens believe that having a Robredo-Moreno tandem would become a powerhouse “strong enough to defeat Duterte and Marcos”.

Still, there are some that are confused with the #WithdrawIsko trend. “Bakit naman #WithdrawIsko ? Huy stop tweeting #WithdrawIsko let him run, this trend #WithdrawIsko should stop now! #WithdrawIsko“, said one netizen.

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