Ruffa Gutierrez Says “Don’t mess with me boys” Because Of This

In Showtime, Ruffa Gutierrez reveals she can do this and warns boys to not mess with her.

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – Reinanay judge Ruffa Gutierrez warns boys to not dare mess with her because she is good at doing this kind of sport.

Binibining Pilipinas World 1993 and Second Runner-up to Miss World 1993 is Ruffa Gutierrez and since then, she never left the spotlight and became successful in the field of show business. Her mother is the ever so honest and brave Annabelle Rama while her father is the iconic actor Eddie Guttierez.

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She is currently not in a relationship with someone but she was married to Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas, the father of her two daughters. They’ve had a controversial separation but now, they are fine as just parents of their children. The last boyfriend she had is with French-Israeli businessman Jordan Mouyal but they have also broken. The split, to her, was a relief.

And just recently, in an episode from Showtime during the Reinanay segment, she revealed that she is actually good at playing a sport, specifically basketball. She is good at it and she shared that she can do a dunk. She added that she can jump high and is a good three-point shooter.

She quipped, “Grabe ang taas kong tumalon ha!… At saka sa three-point shot magaling ako!”

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, in a previous report, her mother lambasted her for her taste in men and when it comes to choosing one. She wanted someone who can provide for her but her choice of men is just really one thing she is criticizing. Tita Annabelle said, “Ang ayaw ko lang, pagdating sa lalaki talagang bobo talaga siya!”


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