Lacson, Sotto Announce Bid for President, Vice President in Elections 2022

Senators Lacson, Sotto To Run for President, Vice President

LACSON – Senators Ping Lacson and Vicente “Tito” Sotto III announced their bid for president and vice president in the Elections 2022.

The Elections 2022 is fast approaching. There are already a lot of speculations on who might take the presidential and vice-presidential race but only a few have already confirmed their bids.

In surveys conducted weeks ago, there are consistent names on who might run for a national position. There are also calls for a certain incumbent politician to run for another post in the next political bid.

The ruling party PDP-Laban, the Cusi wing, is encouraging President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to run for vice president. Previously, the 76-year-old Chief Executive expressed his plans of retiring and going home to Davao City after his term as president ends.

However, it only challenged the PDP-Laban even more to convince the Chief Executive. In a convention that was held in San Fernando, Pampanga yesterday, Pres. Duterte was nominated as vice president and he accepted the nomination.

Aside from Pres. Duterte, Senators Ping Lacson and Vicente “Tito” Sotto III announced their bids for president and vice president, respectively, in the Elections 2022. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, they launched their tandem anchoring to “KKK – Katapangan, Kakayahan, Katapatan” (Bravery, Skills, Honesty).

Senator Ping Lacson
Photo: Philippine News Agency

Based on the report, Sen. Lacson promised that if he will win as president, he will use his power to respond to the unemployment problem in the country, widespread hunger, corruption, illegal drugs, and the Philippines’ maritime dispute with China.

Furthermore, the Senator stressed that he will prioritize a stronger masterplan that will respond to the pandemic. He also assured to fight corruption stressing that there must be a tight discipline on the use of the government funds. Together with Sen. Tito Sotto, they promised to restore the trust of the Filipinos to the government.

Sen. Sotto expressed that the country came to a point where what is happening in the government and in the economy should not be taken for granted anymore. He stressed that there is a need to respond, unite, and take actions.

Senator Tito Sotto
Photo: Daily Tribune

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