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Sen. Sotto looks on the brighter side of the issue. SOTTO - Senator Vicente 'Tito' Sotto III expressed an assurance that he will push for the amendment of the Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000. The 'Na Ano Lang' remark of the Senator has undeniably sparked several news reports and elicited various reactions most especially from [...]


The children of single mothers spoke their side. CHILDREN - The kids of those strong woman who raised their children even without their biological father on their side expressed their deep and inspiring sentiments. The remark of Senator Vicente 'Tito' Sotto III while he was questioning Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Judy Taguiwalo [...]

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Gian Sotto defends father from bashers who still continues in criticizing father about 'na-ano lang' issue. GIAN SOTTO - Son of Tito Sotto, Gian Sotto, defends him from the people who is still not over yet from the 'na-ano lang' issue. In an Instagram post of Gian Sotto in his account, he stated that his [...]

Netizens seem to be not forgotten the controversy about Pepsi Paloma which dragged the name of Senator Tito Sotto, as his remark "na-ano lang" presses on. The case of Pepsi Paloma has been recalled by some netizens on micro-blogging site, Twitter as the issue of Tito Sotto continues. Pepsi Paloma, was one of the popular Softdrinks [...]


Maharlika slammed Sen. Vicente 'Tito' Sotto III in a video. MAHARLIKA - In a video, Maharlika slammed Senator Vicente 'Tito' Sotto III and shared how she knew about his alleged mistress. Recently, a video posted by YouTube channel flick-flicks on the online platform went viral. In the video, Maharlika slammed Sen. Sotto over 'Na ano [...]

Senator Tito Sotto continues to receive bash statement and criticism over his "na-ano lang" remark to Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Judy Taguiwalo regarding her status as a single mother. The 69-year-old host-politician did not only gained the netizen's ire but also the displeasure of popular celebrities including Vice Ganda, Gretchen Ho, [...]

Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III blamed the "online trolls" over the surging of his controversial “na-ano lang” remark on single parents. In a statement released by the incumbent senator, he claimed that his "na-ano lang" remark is actually referred to the street terminology for the single parents. However, many were offended by his comment. Some [...]

Senator Riza Hontiveros slammed fellow Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III over his "na-ano lang" remark on single parents. In a text message she sent to Inquirer.net, the incumbent senator admitted that she was offended on the controversial remark of the actor/politician. “There’s nothing “na-ano” or shameful about being a solo mother. Am a proud solo [...]

Celebrities including Vice Ganda, Gretchen Ho, Claudine Barretto, Lea Salonga and to name a few couldn't help but react on the controversial "Na-ano lang" remark of Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III. On Wednesday, Tito Sotto brought up the status of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Judy Taguiwalo during her confirmation hearing before [...]

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Senator Sotto's apalling remark to the single parents had made round of noises on social media and takes revenge on her daughter instead. SINGLE PARENTS - The appalling remark of the Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III had gone to the online community and netizens takes it back to his daughter, Ciara Sotto. As been [...]