Whamos Cruz Ex-Girlfriend’s Relative Bash Influencer & Called Him “Mukhang Lamok”

Internet Celebrity Whamos Cruz Ex-Girlfriend’s Relative Bashes & Accuses Influencer

Whamoz Cruz ex-girlfriend’s relative criticized the social media influencer and even called him “Mukhang Lamok”.

Over the past few days, the internet celebrity Whamoz Cruz becomes one of the most controversial and discussed personalities online after confirming his relationship with fellow influencer Antonette Gail Del Rosario.

Cruz post the video wherein he and Antonette became an official couple. The influencer make a lot of preparations before making his proposal. The two became an official couple last July 6, 2021.

Whamos Cruz

The couple goes viral and garnered various reactions from the online community after announcing their relationship. Some netizens were glad about their relationship but other seems to be unhappy.

Some bashers are insulting the physical appearance of Whamos but his girlfriend speak up and defended their relationship. Cruz also received distasteful remarks online for having a relationship with Gail although he had a son with another woman.

Whamos posted his photo together with his son Sammy and former partner. He explained that he is doing his responsibility as a father to Sam. However, his post earned various comments from the netizens.

Whamos Cruz Whamos Cruz Whamos Cruz

A certain Cyril Fernandez claiming as a relative of Cruz’s former girlfriend gives distasteful remarks against the influencer. She is claiming that the influence is an irresponsible father and prioritizes his career over family.

Cyril even lambasted the celebrity for not providing the need of his son and even called him “Mukhang Lamok”, which is quite offensive.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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1 thought on “Whamos Cruz Ex-Girlfriend’s Relative Bash Influencer & Called Him “Mukhang Lamok””

  1. Oh wow daming mga bashers😂 akala ng mga bashers na ito at mababango at magagandang tao sila, hahaha. Hoy, ano mang panglalait ninyo diyan kay Whamos , mayaman na yan kaya namamatay kayo sa kakaingit😂😂😂. I live here in the States and one thing I hate are mga Haters, Ingiteras at kami na sa mga MARITES! Whamos might have a disease that makes him look
    like that but he seems like a very nice, warm, caring and a very down to earth man and so that what really counts. This is the first time that i’ve seen his video and i got to say that he is great in what he does. Keep up the wonderful work, Whamos!! You raised yourself up to Stardum and I am so proud of you man. More blessings to you and your family, bro!👏👏🤙🤙 Mabuhay!!


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