Leng Altura Reveals Truth About Viral Video on Whamos Cruz’s Latest Vlog

Leng Altura Reveals Truth About Viral Video on Whamos Cruz’s Latest Vlog

The controversial social media influencer Leng Altura revealed the truth about the viral video on Whamos Cruz’s latest vlog.

Last weekend, the TikTok star Arlene Altura or popularly known as “Leng” becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after her alleged controversial video leaked on social media.

The video shows a woman with a lot of similarities with the female influencer having a private moment with a guy. A lot of netizens even asked for link of the controversial video to find whether it was really Leng.

Leng Altura

Recently, the comedian Whamos Cruz featured Altura on his latest vlog discussing the influencer’s alleged controversial video. The video garnered various reactions from the social media users.

In the scripted video, it can be seen that Whamos seems to be watching viral video and commented that the woman is not Leng. Cruz mentioned that the woman in the video has no tattoos.

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Leng Altura Leng Altura

Leng can be also heard expressing her stress and disappointment after the public thought that she is the woman in the controversial video.

The video has a caption of:


The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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