Miss Universe Philippines: Meet Maria Ingrid Teresita Santamaria

Parañaque’s delegate for Miss Universe Philippines 2021 is Maria Ingrid Teresita Santamaria. Check out her bio below!

MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES – Meet Maria Ingrid Teresita Santamaria, the top 2 of the interview challenge of Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

The top 7 of the interview challenge of this year’s Miss Universe PH pageant have been announced already and on the first spot is the delegate from Cavite, Victoria Velasquez Vincent. Tailing her on the second spot selected by the panelists is Maria Ingrid Teresita Santamaria. She is representing Parañaque in the competition.


Here’s the complete list of the Top 7:

  1. Victoria Velasquez Vincent
  2. Maria Ingrid Teresita Santamaria
  3. Rousanne Marie Bernos
  4. Isabelle De Los Santos
  5. Megan Julia Roa Digal
  6. Beatrice Luigi Gomez
  7. Simone Nadine Bornilla

Ingrid Santamaria or also known as Sam Santamaria is a 25-year-old corporate professional. She graduated from De La Salle University and under her belt is graduating as a cum laude with a degree in Communications. In her introduction statement, she said that she is sociable given her life coming from a big family.

She loves to travel, explore other cultures, and is a certified beach lover. She’s an athlete and a writer. Sam was also able to work in Marketing PR and E-commerce before joining the pageant. She believes that this journey is her turning point to becoming a phenomenal woman.


She was first asked as to what she can say to those students who have graduated already and missed the opportunity to experience fun and social activities prom and physical graduation rites. In her answer, she expressed that she is proud of every student who pushed past boundaries by learning online. Online learning is hard but she can see that they continue to strive for their dreams given the unpredictable times because of the pandemic.


Here are her answers to two other questions:

Social media networks are intended to bring people closer together but in many dining situations people are more busy on their phones, how do you resolve these conflicting realities?

“Well, social media is like a double-edged sword. I find that although it does allow you to have communication – especially with people far away from you – sometimes it hinders us from being present in the moment. In my opinion, it is just better to put your phone down when you’re enjoying a nice meal with your friends and just be there in the moment. There’s nothing wrong with being online but being present is something that it’s like a gift that you can offer.”


How has the pandemic challenged you?

“Well, being stuck alone in this pandemic, I really had to learn to look inward. I’ve had to learn, to learn to love myself and to fully take care of myself. And it’s allowed me to become in tune with my passions and hobbies and I’ve even written down some goals and plans for the future and these things were things that I just enjoyed from the day to day but now I’m a woman who does…”


Meanwhile, here are the winners of the five virtual challenges as selected by the panelists:

  • Headshot Challenge – Maria Corazon Abalos of Mandaluyong
  • Introduction Challenge – Beatrice Luigi Gomez of Cebu City
  • Runway Challenge – Steffi Rose Aberasturi of Cebu Province
  • Casting Challenge – Maureen Christa Wroblewitz of Pangasinan
  • Interview Challenge – Victoria Velasquez Vincent of Cavite


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