Miss Universe Philippines: Meet Victoria Velasquez Vincent Of Cavite

Meet Victoria Velasquez Vincent, the Top 1 in Miss Universe Philippines 2021 interview challenge.

MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES – The delegate from Cavite, Victoria Velasquez Vincent, topped the interview challenge, and here’s her profile.

Seven delegates of this year’s Miss Universe Philippines pageant have stood out to the panelists in the recently concluded Interview Challenge. The top 7 of this particular challenge has been announced and the one who landed on the top spot is the Filipino-Kiwi candidate from Cavite Victoria Velasquez Vincent.


Here’s the complete list of the Top 7:

  1. Victoria Velasquez Vincent
  2. Maria Ingrid Teresita Santamaria
  3. Rousanne Marie Bernos
  4. Isabelle De Los Santos
  5. Megan Julia Roa Digal
  6. Beatrice Luigi Gomez
  7. Simone Nadine Bornilla

She is 25 years and an architecture graduate who was born and raised in New Zealand. She has an impressive academic record of a double Master’s degree in Architecture and Heritage Conservation from the University of Auckland. Victoria went to the Philippines amid the pandemic and with her is her dream to become a beauty queen.

She also advocates low-cost and sustainable housing for underprivileged communities. She introduced herself as someone who is “also a lover of poetry and anything underrated” and not just of the things “visually creative”. Being a Virgo, she is organized, likes solving problems, and nurtures the growth of things or people around her.

Victoria, when asked to choose between being a gold medalist or Miss Universe, chooses the latter.


Here’s a transcript of her answers to these two other questions:

Now global warming has caused dramatic climate changes worldwide, as a beauty queen how will you help in protecting our environment?

“It starts with the changes that you make in your own, personal life, and then extending that and using the platform that we have in Miss Universe Philippines; to encourage other people to do the same thing. So for example, for me, I have actually converted to being 90% vegan because I know that animal agriculture contributes to so much of the issues that climate change causes. So even that minor change, I know I’m contributing to such a large issue and I know that I can use my platform to encourage other people to do the same.”


How has the pandemic challenged you?

“Above all else, the pandemic has challenged me in a way that has made me both stronger and more independent. I spent the first year of the pandemic in New Zealand and had the privilege of having that safety and security, but I still chose to sacrifice all of those things and relocate to the Philippines in January. And if there’s anything that that journey taught me, it’s that you might need to make some sacrifices along the way, and you might need to give up on so many things and let go of so many things in your life. But you should never let anything, not even a worldwide pandemic, get in the way of your dream.”


Meanwhile, here are the winners of the five virtual challenges as selected by the panelists:

  • Headshot Challenge – Maria Corazon Abalos of Mandaluyong
  • Introduction Challenge – Beatrice Luigi Gomez of Cebu City
  • Runway Challenge – Steffi Rose Aberasturi of Cebu Province
  • Casting Challenge – Maureen Christa Wroblewitz of Pangasinan
  • Interview Challenge – Victoria Velasquez Vincent of Cavite


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